About Us

Since its foundation in 1980, ARGITRANS has become one of the fastest growing transport companies, being a reference on the areas of full load and groupage services in many countries of the EU.

Our commitment with the use of latest technologies and our desire for continuous improvement makes us to develop constantly and to seek for collaboration with the best national and international correspondents, keeping us in constant evolution and making ARGITRANS a modern, dynamic, efficient and sustainable company.

We develop our own management systems, offering a continuous service and monitoring the situation of the goods of our customers. The best logistics solutions are studied along our collaborators to offer the most efficient and the safest transport systems, both for workers and for customers and their shipments.


Since our beginnings, we have believed that one of the key pieces of a company’s success is its human team. In ARGITRANS we have a qualified and experienced staff, which has been part of the company since its inception.

We are professionals who know how to respond to each situation, providing the most efficient and effective solutions according to each moment.

Privileged geographic location

We are located in the center of the Atlantic Arc, in ZAISA, the transport center of Irun, next to the border with France. A place of unquestionable importance for Europe in terms of road transportation.

ADR’s product’s transportation

We are qualified to transport ADR’s products (dangerous goods) by having the necessary security measures, both for its transit and for its storage.

European Certificate ECOSTARS

We have a modern fleet, according to the certificates required from the EU. So that, we collaborate making the road transportation more sustainable every day.


The new technologies provide us speed, efficiency and reaction capacity. That is why we incorporate them in our transit management systems, offering to our customers a constant follow-up of their shipments.

Continous training

We are concerned about the continuous improvement, offering the correct formation to our team. Furthermore, we collaborate with different training centers and we participate in regional development forums, contributing on the improvement of the economy and the well-being of the society.

Social Collaboration

We collaborate with ZAPOREAK NGO sending food and resources to refugee camps such as the one at Chios in Greece. We believe in the social responsibility that companies have and we act accordingly.